The beautiful Molly I.

Molly I.Molly I. Molly I. Molly I. Molly I. Molly I. Molly I. Molly I. Molly I.

Photoshoot in the Chateau de La Hulpe (Belgium) with the gorgeous Molly.

What do you think? Any tips?

– A x



  1. Hey! check my blog out its photography related!. Love your posts! ❤ – all the images are really good accept from the top image, as the fountain statue is very distracting for the eye, you could possibly try to remove this in photoshop or blur it out slightly or even change the tone of it to make your eye less drawn to it, hope this helps 🙂 much love

  2. Hello! Anya is it?

    Great photos! I would also agree with the first who commented about the composition of the two with statues in the background. If you don’t already know about “The Rule of Thirds”, try searching for it on youtube or even google. It is one of the most respected composition techniques in Photography.

    I especially like the last one, where you caught the water. May I ask what camera/lense you used?

    1. Hi!
      No I’d never heard of that, but I’ll look it up! I use the Canon EOS 1100d with a simple 18-55 mm lens. Great camera I have to say!
      Thank you so much for your tips, they mean a lot to me!

      1. No problem! Yeah, definitely look into that though. Almost all photography is composed using that rule.

        Followed ya, so I’ll be looking forward to more pictures! : )

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